Elevate your mood

Feel energetic

Gain confidence

Feeling not quite yourself?

  • You have trouble sleeping. Even when you’re exhausted.
  • You can’t stop worrying. Or you feel afraid for no apparent reason.
  • You have difficulty concentrating and get distracted easily.
  • You have tense muscles, aches and pains.
  • You feel down and want to be left alone all the time.
  • You get irritated quickly and have angry outbursts.
  • You’re overwhelmed by negative thoughts.
  • You get panicky. Sometimes, you even feel like you can’t breathe.

Exercise: a proven way to beat the blues

  • Fights depression and anxiety
    Exercise helps your brain release feel-good endorphins. These chemicals improve your mood.
  • Improves focus and memory
    Endorphins help you concentrate. Activates new brain cell growth. Helps prevent age-related brain decline.
  • Reduces stress
    Exercise reduces your body’s stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Relaxes your muscles. Relieves tension.
  • Improves social wellbeing
    When you exercise with other people, you make social connections. And new friends.
  • Increase self-confidence
    You become fitter and more energised. You feel better about yourself.
  • Takes your mind off worries
    You pay attention to how your body moves and feels. And forget your negative thoughts.

Discover another kind of self-care at Elevate.
That empowers you with better mental health





African dance fitness

Functional fitness



Sport psychology

Special beach programmes

Elevating your mental health
through exercise and wellness


Elevate Athletic Wellness is the first and only sports, movement and wellness training centre in Singapore focused on your mental health.
Join programmes where you’ll pick up new skills. Meet new people. And boost your energy and mood.

You’ll be guided by coaches and instructors who have backgrounds in psychology or experience working with people with sensitive needs.
So you’ll have fun. Get stronger and feel better. And not have to worry about anything else.

Why Elevate?


Discover what you love

Varied programmes for you to mix and match. Find an activity you like. Or maximise your fun with different programmes.


No one gets left behind

Small class size. Get more one-on-one attention from your trainers. Connect more with your peers.


Be yourself

Have fun in gentle, non-judgemental settings. Feel comfortable and confident about participating.


Be inspired

Be guided by coaches and instructors with psychology backgrounds. Who know how to engage you. And will draw out the best in you.


Getting started is simple


Even the best of us struggle with getting off the couch for a workout at times.
It’s ideal for you to join our classes 2-3 times a week.
But any amount of activity will make a difference to your mental wellbeing.

Start where you are

No matter your age or fitness level, you can start today. It isn’t about how good you are at sports. It’s about moving your body and feeling better.

Use what you have

Try out a variety of activities. Focus on those that you enjoy. Just keep going.

Do what you can

You don’t have to be mad about fitness. Nor do you have to work out for hours and hours. Start small. Go slow. And why not get a friend or family member to join in too?

No losers.
Only winners
at life

No one will keep score on how well you play or perform.
Your coaches and instructors have only one goal in mind: to keep you moving.
So you’ll feel good about yourself. And win at life.

Limited availability


Our class sizes are small, so each class has a limited number of spots.
Chat with us and book your first session.