Our Team

Jeevita Pillai

At Elevate, Jeevi teaches African dance fitness and helps athletes through sport psychology.

Jeevi is an accomplished netball player and has completed multiple half and full marathons. As a dancer, she is well versed in ballet, Chinese dance, Indian classical and modern dance, reggaeton and hip hop dance. She is also a Zumba and African dance fitness instructor.

As a sport psychologist, she supports athletes and coaches in their performance and wellbeing. She has conducted individual and group interventions and workshops for athletes and coaches of various sports, including netball, kayak, fencing, silat and shooting.

Jeevi believes that mental health and sports go hand in hand. For athletes to perform optimally, they need to focus on their mental wellbeing too. For everyone else, sports or other physical activities should be an integral part of their lives for better mental health.

Education and accreditations

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), James Cook University
  • Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Bangor University (accredited by the British Psychological Society)
  • Sport and exercise psychologist accreditation in progress, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

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