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Improve Your Energy. Improve Your Mental Health.
With Exercise And Wellness Activities.

Feeling off?

It’s normal to experience periods of feeling out of sorts. Life has its ups and downs, after all.

Perhaps the daily grind has got to you. Or you feel isolated because of what’s happening in the world outside. Or you’re going through major changes in your life.

You already know that physical exercise keeps your body healthy. But did you know that it can uplift your mood and give you a sense of wellbeing mentally too?

Here’s where Elevate Athletic Wellness comes in.

We are the first and only sports and wellness training centre in Singapore focused on your mental health.

  • get moving
  • pick up new sports skills
  • engage in wellness activities
  • boost your energy level
  • get active with your family
  • make new friends

You’ll be guided by coaches and instructors who are trained psychologists experienced in working with people with sensitive needs, including eating disorders, depression, anxiety ASD and other disorders.

So you’ll have fun in safe and engaging settings. Get stronger. Gain confidence. Feel better. And reap the mental health benefits of exercise and wellness activities.


Building an inclusive world of healthy bodies and resilient minds, regardless of age, gender or ability.


  • An active lifestyle for all
  • A safe and non-judgemental environment for exploring sports and wellness
  • A fun space for family bonding and friendships

About The Center For Psychology

Since 2005, the Center for Psychology (CFP) has provided high-quality psychology consultations and counselling to both the Singaporean and expatriate communities as well as clients from neighbouring countries.

CFP provides services such as:

  • Psychotherapy and counselling
  • Couple therapy and marriage counselling
  • Family therapy and counselling
  • Child and adolescent counselling
  • Education psychology
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) intervention
  • Art psychotherapy
  • Assessments and psychological testing
  • Expatriate support
  • Training and workshops
  • Employee assistance programmes (EAP)

CFP’s clinical staff members are highly trained and caring professionals. Using the latest clinical tools and methodologies, they strive to advance their clients’ emotional, spiritual, relational, behavioural and mental wellbeing.

They are committed to maintaining their clients’ integrity and complete confidentiality. They adhere strictly to the ethical and professional standards stipulated by the American Psychological Association (APA), Australia Psychological Society (APS), American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), British Psychological Society (BPS) and Singapore Psychological Association (SPS).

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