There’s Something For Everyone


Choose from Elevate’s wide range of exercise and wellness programmes. No matter your age, fitness level or exercise experience, you’ll find an activity you love. Can’t decide on one? Join a few programmes and max out your fun!


Tennis Lessons

Tennis works out your whole body. It also needs you to think on your feet, so you’ll stay alert and keep your mind sharp. 

Badminton Classes

Badminton gives you a fast-paced and complete body workout. Besides improving your physical fitness, the game engages you to think on your feet and respond with quick reflexes.

Great for families


Acroyoga is a partner-based activity that combines yoga and acrobatics. Mums and dads, partner with your kids as their base and spotter while they are the flyers.


Calling mums and dads! How does an activity that lets you move and have fun with your kids sound? This introductory dance programme offers your family exposure to various dance genres.

African Dance Fitness

In this high-energy class, dance to modern African Dance styles from across Africa, including Afrobeats from West Africa. Steps are broken down into easy-to-follow.

Great for families

Functional Training

Ready to become stronger and perform your daily activities with ease? Functional fitness training strengthens your body to do everyday activities like climbing stairs, lifting objects and playing sports.


Karate is a Japanese martial art of self-defence. When children practise karate, they get physically and mentally stronger. 

Great for families


Looking for a fun and all-round workout? Try kickboxing! A sport practised for both fitness and self-defence.


Sport Psychology

If you’re an athlete, your mental wellbeing is key to enhancing your athletic performance. 

Special Beach Progammes

Let’s hit the beach! Join us for fun times on the sand, by the sea and in the sun. Enjoy beach tennis, frisbee, yoga, dance workouts and more.

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